Microsoft Power Virtual Agents

Create chatbots to talk to people

Automate internal and external conversations, connect with customers, and solve common problems quickly and efficiently.

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Identify the most common problems and find the best solutions

Automate conversations with your consumers

Virtual Agents is the software that allows you to easily create bots to establish effective relationships with customers and employees of the company.

With Microsoft Virtual Agents you can build your own virtual assistant without the need for source codes.

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With Virtual Agents manage:

  • relationships between customers and bots;
  • chatbots and automatic conversations;
  • updating the bots created.

Rely on us

Thanks to the experience gained in the IT and automation sector, Serenissima Informatica is able to provide all the assistance and support you need to implement automated bot creation platforms in order to improve your customer service.

With a dedicated professional team, we can guide you step by step through your digital transformation.

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Discover the features of Power Virtual Agents

Manage your chatbots

Create automated bots to respond to your customers

Create your own bots and harness their artificial intelligence to instantly respond to your customers' needs.

Contact consumers now and automatically answer their most frequently asked questions.

Easily solve problems that require complex conversations.

Solve the most frequent problems

Use artificial intelligence to quickly solve common problems.

Track your critical KPIs and identify future topics to improve your bots.

Optimize all your resources and make your customer service unique and modern.

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