Chat with your guests

With Hotel Messenger you can send personalized communications to your guests by email or by sms before, during and after their stay.

Due ragazzi usano lo smartphone e ricevono un messaggio da messenger

personalized communications

Real time chat with your guests

Messenger allows you to send personalized communications to guests via email or SMS.

Make the most of Messenger’s full message automation, which takes place during the entire guest journey: before, during and after your guest’s stay.

messenger screen

With Messenger you can manage:

  • Real time communication with your guests
  • Personalized templates for your communications
  • The planning and sending rules of your communications

Rely on us

Our solutions for the guest journey are smart and easy to use by the hotel staff.

Thanks to our experience in the hospitality industry we are able to provide all the assistance, support and advice needed to improve communication between staff and guests, in order to completely and effectively manage the entire guest journey.

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Chat with your guests

Decide the content, format, channel and your communications sending schedule; share messages with customers quickly and easily.

With Messenger you can select the sender and decide who to send your alerts to thanks to the available filters.

Plus, you decide whether the submission should be immediate, delayed, manual, automatic or related to a particular moment of the guest journey, such as check-in or check-out.

Make effective the way you communicate

Send offers, booking confirmations, pre-stay reminders, post-stay review requests, inform the director of the arrival of VIP guests, notify the maintainers about the interventions to be carried out.

These are just a few examples of messages you can send with Messenger, the software solution that helps you communicate effectively.

Pesonalize your content with customizable templates and enhance the one-to-one relationship with your guests, in order to increase loyalty.

Use the most powerful communication channels

Communicate with your guest at the right time and on the most appropriate channel.

Send a pre-stay email with the link for Web Check-in to the incoming customer, or a post-stay email to ask for a review, or let them know with an SMS that their room is ready.

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