Software Solutions for Small and Medium-sized Businesses

Technology Solutions for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises specialized in job management, service, business management, marketing and sales.

Our software solutions improve the process management, increase the production performance and boost revenues simply and effectively.

Entrepreneurs can achieve the transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises into smart factories and express the highest potential of the Industry 4.0.

IT specialists by your side

Software solutions for SMEs

Our Small and Midsize Business Management Software Products improve processes and workflows, manage all kind of supply chains and increase revenue performance. Thanks to the vast experience gained by our employees in this field, we provide our customers with all the advice and support they need to manage the digital transformation of small and medium enterprises. Entrepreneurs manage and connect sales operations, purchases, accounting and inventory easily to maximize their return.

Microsoft for your business

Microsoft Technology for SMEs 4.0

Our ERP for production management, our MES to connect departments, our CRM to care for customers and our Business Intelligence to make strategic decisions. Your management, thanks to the SME management products provided by Microsoft, can relate in real time with all business departments. The digital transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises and the transition to Industry 4.0 are now available to small and medium businesses entrepreneurs.

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