Microsoft Power BI

The power of data under control

Gather all the information, process custom dashboards and reports and make the best strategic decisions for your business.

Create a data-driven culture within everyone's reach

Convert data into relevant information with the Business Intelligence

Microsoft Power BI collects all the data from the different management sources in use, extracts the relevant information and makes it available to your team.

With Microsoft Power BI you can analyze the reports obtained to define the strategies needed to improve the performance of your business through the Business Intelligence.

Give team members the opportunity to uncover hidden insights in big data with Power BI.

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With Power BI you can manage:

  • Your company’s relevant data analysis
  • Custom dashboard and reports
  • Information sharing with all departments

Rely on us

Our Business Intelligence solutions help you analyze and exploit data to improve your business performance.

Our team can provide you with all the support, assistance and advice you need to boost your business.

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Discover Power BI functionalities

Better understand your business with the Business Intelligence

Your data all in one BI solution

Exceed the limit of traditional Business Intelligence tools with Power BI.

Forget data silos: the Microsoft Business Intelligence solution aggregates data from different sources and formats into a single platform.

Self-service analytics

With a single analytics platform you can meet all the needs of your employees, from individuals to the entire organization.

Each user can create their own dashboard to analyze data relevant to their work and business success.

In addition, thanks to our experience gained in the field, we can prvide you with a set of ready-to-use dashboards for monitoring the most important business KPIs.

Share information with your team

With Microsoft Power BI, you can share reports with your team from any mobile or fixed device, at any time.

Microsoft Power BI, additionally, integrates with all the applications of the Microsoft ecosystem and all the collected data can also be exported in Excel format and then be shared within the company.

Sharpen your strategy

Thanks to the flexibility and effectiveness of Microsoft Power BI, you can plan your strategies based on data analysis.

With Microsoft Power BI you can control and predict the progress of your activities and speed up your decision-making processes.

Bridge the gap between data and decisions with Power BI.

Ensure the protection of your data

Keep your data protected with Microsoft’s security guarantees, including:

- Labels of importance
- End-to-end encryption
- Access monitoring in real time

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