SI App

Connect with your hotel guests

SI App is the new mobile app for hotels that allows customers to interact with your property throughout their guest journey, increasing your profits.

Ospite guarda il suo telefono nella camera dell'hotel.

Skip the long queues and waits at the Reception!

Real time guest engagement

With SI App, guests can perform check-in directly on their smartphone by entering all their data.

The app sends all the information to the PMS which will automatically update the data.

Your staff will have more time for a faster and more personable welcome to guests.

Screen SI App

SI App gives your guest the freedom to manage their own:

  • Web check-in
  • Real time communication with the hotel staff via live chat
  • Purchase of additional services on site
  • Electronic purse for cashless payments
  • Social media and any content prepared by the hotel

Compatible with iOs and Android devices, the app integrates with all management systems: protel PMS, iSelz POS e Guezzt.

Rely on us

Serenissima Informatica offers complete management solutions to improve all hotel operations with innovative tools.

Thanks to a team of professionals from the hospitality industry, we are able to provide all the assistance, support and advice you need, along with the most technological and modern solutions in the market to digitally manage the guest journey.

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Discover all SI App functionalities

Surprise your guests with innovative technology

Provide a better service for your guests

Is your staff swamped with bookings requests?

Would you like to improve communication with guests?

With SI App,your reservation management employees can chat with guests to provide all the information needed about hotel services in real time.

Promote an event, implement cross-selling techniques or send promotions to your customers.

SI App functions also include games and social media for a total engagement of your guests in the hotel life.

Electronic purse always available

Are you struggling to simplify payments and cash point management?

SI App offers your guests an electronic purse to manage all payments made in the hotel in comfort and simplicity.

The user will only have to recharge his Wallet section on the app by credit card or through an enabled checkout point.

Once the credit has been charged, your guest will be alble to purchase products or use the services offered via mobile phone.

Complete management of payments via app

Payment via SI app can be made in different ways:

1) Showing the QR code linked to your purse: with a code that is generated dynamically with each transaction;

2) By selecting the point of sale to which the payment has to be sent directly from the app, avoiding making files at checkout;

3) By charging all transactions made in the room account.

Surprise your guests with remote ordering

With the remote ordering function of SI App guests can book hotel services when and where they want and be served directly in their room, at the table or by the pool.

The point of sale receives the order to be prepared or the service requested and the exact location where the guest is at that time, such as the room or table where he is seated.

The customer always has his purchases and payments under control so as to avoid complaints at check-out.

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