iSelz Cloud Hospitality

Serve your restaurant the best management solutions

Centralize your points of sale, improve your guest satisfaction, keep costs monitored and maximize restaurant profits at your hotel.

Offer your guests the best dining experience

Increase your hotel restaurant revenue

iSelz Cloud is the hotel restaurant management system that simplifies the operational management of Food & Beverage activities.

Make your restaurant manager take full control of cash points, improve guest satisfaction, keep costs monitored and increase profits, thanks to innovative systems designed for the restaurant industry.


With iSelz Cloud you can manage:

  • Payments via touch payment machines;
  • Orders at the table and room service
  • Promotional campaigns such as conventions and discounts
  • The warehouse, inventory and stocks;
  • Your strategies planning through complete reports made to analyze the activity progress

Rely on us

Serenissima Informatica, thanks to the experience in the restaurant and hospitality industry, is  able to provide all the support, assistance and advice to improve your operational processes on Food & beverage service.

The proposed management solutions are simple to use and highly innovative, improve workflows in F&B hotel areas and increase hotel revenue.

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Discover all iSelz Cloud functionalities

Manage your hotel restaurant

Boost your restaurant service

Manage your hotel restaurant with targeted features to make your service more fluid and efficient and satisfy your customers.

iSelz adapts to your needs and improves the F&B management of your hotel: accessible on iPad or POS touch screen, via mobile for orders, via web for settings and data control,

With the cloud platform you ensure the security of your guests' data and minimize hardware investment.

Manage all F&B payments

Use all the information of your hotel guests for an easier and faster management, for example by charging restaurant accounts directly to the customer’s room.

Thanks to the integration with the PMS, your customer data is always up to date and you can benefit from useful information to improve the quality of your F&B service.

With iSelz Cloud, you can provide your guest with the online menu and the ability to make cashless payments.

Also, your staff can manage the minibar, account balance signatures at check-out and room charges , all with ease.

Analyze your performance

Keep an eye on your warehouse inventory and stock to manage expenses.

At every transaction, iSelz updates your stock in real time to simplify the inventory process.

Calculate Accurately the actual revenue of your restaurant and access valuable data and reports to evaluate the performance of your local and set up improvement strategies.

Digitalize your Menu

Get rid off paper menus, replaced instead by a practical e-menu.

Your customers can easily scan a QR code placed on the tables and access the menu online.

Manage cashless payments

Reduce cash payments and allow your customers to use prepaid cards or RFID devices, such as wristbands.

You’ll also notice an increase in your guests' average spending.

Connect the Cash Tender Modules

Connect the cash point of your hotel's restaurant to the automatic Cashmatic money counting machines.

The integration with iSelz Cloud management software allows you to:
- Eliminate the operations of counting, closing cash and changing shifts
- Avoid manual errors and cash shortages
- Increase the security of your collections with the anti-robbery drawer and the smart detection of fake money

Empower your customers to make payments, permanently eliminate the contact with money from your staff and increase the quality of your cash-out service.

Make full use of the Loyalty function

Extremely versatile, it allows you to easily create promotions.

From the Happy Hour to more complicated combinations such as discounts, free gifts, points allocation and so on.

Forget litigations

With Firmy, the signature of the room charge is totally digital.

It is stored in iSelz Cloud and immediately made available to the PMS:

- You can eliminate paper receipts and simplify the archiving process;
- Eliminate the procedure of checking receipts charged in the room at the check-out;
- Eliminate the possibility of litigation.

With Firmy, you also improve the guest debit service, confirm and verify the correct account data via the electronic signature directly on the tablet.

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