FE Cloud: Electronic Invoicing from the ERP

Manage e-invoicing from the ERP

With a few clicks you can easily manage the active and passive billing process defined by the Italian law directly in Microsoft Business Central.

Membri dell'ufficio amministrativo guardano il computer sorridendo.

Automate the sending of your tax documents

Manage your electronic billing smartly

FE Cloud is the integrated application to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central that easily manages the active and passive billing process according to law.

It is an innovative dashboard that facilitates the work of accountants and sends invoices directly within the ERP.

Thanks to FE Cloud, errors and omissions caused by manual steps to send documents to the portal of the revenue agency are eliminated, since the processes are completely automated.

FE cloud

With FE Cloud you can manage:

  • Active and passive electronic invoicing
  • Replacement storage
  • The sending of tax documents to the Revenue Agency

Rely on us

Thanks to the experience gained in the IT sector, Serenissima Informatica and NAV-lab provide you with all the support, assistance and advice you need to manage all the administrative aspects of your company: from your tax documents to electronic invoicing, until replacement storage.

A team of experts will guide you through configuring applications for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to help you in your company. or digital transformation path.

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Discover the capabilities of FE Cloud

Manage everything about e-invoicing

FE Lite Cloud

Manage your electronic invoices easily and in line with Italian law.

It automatically integrates the customer data with the data required to issue the electronic invoice.

Capture incoming purchase documentation from sdi and import it to Microsoft Business Central.

FE LITE does not include replacement data storage, if you want to expand the functionality of your app choose the FE Full Cloud version.

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FE Full Cloud

Send electronic invoices to the Agenzia delle Entrate in the correct format required by law.

With FE Full Cloud, you can easily create documents in .xml format and send them automatically without errors.

Receive directly on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP the result of sending your invoices.

Thanks to notifications you can know in real time if your files have been sent correctly or if they need to be reviewed.

Keep all your tax documents in a complete and orderly archive.

With the cloud, you can access all of your e-invoices from any device and anywhere instantly.

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