Microsoft Power Automate

Automate your daily tasks

Create automated workflows, facilitate the work of your employees and digitize your business reality.

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Turn repetitive tasks into automatic flows

Simplify your daily work

Power Automate is the software that allows you to simplify repetitive tasks and digitize operational processes.

Powered by Microsoft technology, Power Automate allows you to automate the most complex work cycles to lighten the load on your employees.

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With Power Automate you manage:

  • automation of repetitive business work processes;
  • the workflows of your ERP and productivity apps;
  • connections with business systems to create automated paths.

Rely on us

Serenissima informatica, thanks to the experience gained in the SME sector and in the implementation of IT solutions for business management provides support and assistance for the automation of business work processes.

A team of experts is ready to assist and guide you to find the solution that best suits your needs and your business organization.

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Discover the features of Power Automate

Manage the automation of your work processes

Automate your business processes

Easily innovate your business processes with low-code tools and predefined connectors.

With Power Automate, you can transform repetitive and monotonous tasks into automatic workflows to simplify and optimize your employees' commitments.

Identifies and improves critical issues

Record and view your end-to-end processes.

Automate outdated processes according to priority orders and identify bottlenecks in your workflows.

Get timely suggestions, create your flows with detailed information and work towards continuous improvement.

Uses artificial intelligence

Make automation even more efficient with artificial intelligence.

Use the latest information technology to process and create new documents by detecting images and texts.

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