Let NavSherpa transport your documents

Simplify the day-to-day management of your documents and connect your ERP with Sharepoint DMS.

Due impiegati che si passano un documento.

Relate your ERP to the DMS

Transport your documents with ease

With NavSherpa you can bring together the best of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV with Microsoft Sharepoint DMS.

Incorporate documents and worfklows with ease and without data loss.

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With NavSherpa manage:

  • uploading documents to Sharepoint directly from the multifunctional factbox in BC or NAV;
  • metadata and the creation of Smart Tree documents;
  • creating new documents in BC using Sharepoint templates.

Rely on us

Thanks to the experience gained in the IT sector, Serenissima Informatica provides you with all the support, assistance and advice you need to better manage all business documents and share them with all areas.

A team of experts will guide you through configuring applications for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to help you on your enterprise.o digital transformation journey.

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Discover the features of NavSherpa

Manage your documents from the ERP

Work easily with documents

Works exclusively on Microsoft Business Central. and take advantage of the advanced features of Microsoft Sharepoint.

With NavSherpa you can easily gather and manage your document processing under one roof.

Search for your documents

Easily search, filter and find your documents with the Smart Tree.

Enter a part of the file name in the search bar from Microsoft Business Central and NavSherpa will find it immediately for you.

Automatically assign the attributes

Upload your document within Microsoft’s ERP without adding more information.

NavSherpa automatically finds the metadata for you and assigns it to the document based on its origin.

Check the version of the document

Manage the monitoring and control of different versions of your documents with NavSherpa.

If you upload an existing document or a duplicate, NavSherpa will locate it and notify you instantly..

Get the most out of drag & drop

Put a Smart Tree in every point and tab of Microsoft Business Central.

Easily upload any document via drag & drop.

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