Tempo Zero for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Extend the functions of your ERP

Enrich Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with the Apps that cover the finance and operations capabilities of Italian SMEs.

Due membri del team aziendale si salutano sorridendo pugno contro pugno.

Turn your needs into solutions

Power up your ERP system

Tempo Zero apps extend and enhance the capabilities of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central management software and bring innovation and flexibility to Italian SMEs.

Designed to help your business, the Apps developed by NAV-lab improve the management of daily operations.

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With Tempo Zero you can manage:

  • The quick start of your ERP with a package of features designed for the peculiarities of Italian SMEs
  • Electronic invoicing in Business Central
  • The corporate treasury
  • The automated calculation of commissions to be paid to staff members
  • The automated compilation of the Intrastat declaration
  • Additional manufacturing capabilities for greater efficiency and control
  • Italian accounting, tax and financial requirements

Rely on us

Thanks to the experience gained in the IT sector, Serenissima Informatica and NAV-lab provide you with all the support, assistance and advice you need to better manage all the departments of your company and put them in communication with each other.

A team of experts will guide you through configuring applications for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to help your enterprise on the digital transformation journey.

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Discover the features of Tempo Zero apps

New additional features for your ERP

Tempo Zero Cloud

Tempo Zero Cloud for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, available in SaaS, speeds up the start of go-live ERP.

Thanks to better customizations, the management of certain business areas through self-guided and automated procedures.

With the cloud version of the Tempo Zero solution, you can activate extensions so that your employees can use them even remotely.

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Tempo Zero Provvigioni

With the Tempo Zero Provvigioni App you generate and carry out automated control of the commission calculations to be paid to agents according to your company’s requirements.

Calculate your sales force’s commissions and clear your fees directly from Microsoft Business Central.

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Tempo Zero Intrastat

With the App Tempo Zero Intrastat you manage the operations dictated by the Italian legislation for the compilation of the Intrastat System.

With a few clicks, extract the data and fill in the required declaration.

Thanks to automation, the statistical fields are automatically proposed reducing errors.

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Tempo Zero Tesoreria

Tempo Zero Tesoreria is the app that helps you make strategic decisions about the economic and competitive future of your company.

Thanks to the integration of Internal and External Financial Data in the ERP, you have a complete view of the main information of national banking services.

This information is added to the numerous controls already set up for the administrative and accounting departments by Microsoft Business Central.

Tempo Zero Tesoreria extension is designed for complex companies especially for those that manage economic relations with different bank accounts and financial institutions.

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