Reservation Assistant

Your customer's wellness starts here

Manage guests, daily operations, resources and improve the quality of your spa services to increase profits.

Addetta alla spa guarda un tablet mentre parla con una cliente al desk.

A complete management of your wellness centre

Make your guests enjoy moments of relaxation at your spa

Reservation Assistant is the ideal software solution for the full management of wellness spaces and spas within hotels and hotel chains.

Take care of guests’ relaxation, daily operations, and improve the quality of your services offer, to increase your revenues.

With Reservation Assistant you will optimize the use of resources, the booking operations for treatments and packages and the management of gift cards to meet the wishes of your customers.

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With Reservation Assistant you can easily manage:

  • Your wellness centre bookings
  • Customers’ payments
  • Front-desk and back-office operations
  • The purchase of materials and equipment rental
  • Your staff organization

Rely on us

Serenissima Informatica offers software solutions which can be completely integrated with the systems already in use within hotels for wellness centers, gyms and spas.

With years of experience and unparalleled knowledge of the hospitality industry, our specialists are able to offer you support, assistance and advice to implement our solutions to your business, in order to optimize your offer and increase revenue.

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Discover Reservation Assistant functionalities

Manage your wellness centre

Manage bookings in your wellness centre

Discover Reservation Assistant: features and functionalities to fully optimize the activity of your Wellness Centre.

From rooms to resources, from courses to material rental, monitor the availability of your resources plan your staff shifts with simplicity.

Improve your sales

Optimize all payment operations, subscriptions, booking operations for treatments and packages, gift cards. Take advantage of the payments integration between your Points Of Sale and Reservation Assistant.

Plus, improve the service to your guest and build a solid relationship with them, by offering tailored special promotions and discounts.

Automate and speed up the spa workflow, so your staff can spend more time for your customer’s well-being.

Club Assistant: gym software solution

Club Assistant is the complete management solution for gyms and sports clubs.

From member check-in to access control, from rental management to the creation of subscriptions and contracts via the Web, with Club Assistant you simplify workflows and efficiently deploy resources.

Manage different types of subscriptions and gym membership levels intelligently and quickly with an integrated modular system.

Our software solution for gymnasiums allows your staff to organize all procedures and processes related to members, control access to the structure and keeps track of subscription payments at any time.

Review all data and information related to your facility’s performance with reporting and review the information received to make decisions based on data analysis.

With Club Assistant your staff has more time to dedicate to your members, taking care of their relationship with your property and improving the welcome service.

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