iSelz: POS for Restaurants and Restaurant Chains

Your restaurant complete strategy

Monitor and control all activities promoted by your restaurant and subsidiaries and plan your business strategy.

Full operations management

Set up all your locations

iSelz is the management system for restaurants and chains that simplifies operations management, centralizes the control of the various points of sale, improves customer satisfaction, allows restaurateurs to monitor costs and increase revenues.


With iSelz for the restaurant industry you can:

  • Centrally manage your restaurant chain or franchise locations from the headquarter
  • Organize activities and events at your venues
  • Deal with cash flow operations and purchase management

Rely on us

Our employees gained full professional experience in the restaurant and hospitality field: we are able to provide all the support, assistance and advice to improve your operational processes and your food and beverage service.

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Discover iSelz functionalities

Manage your restaurant

Easy control of your locations

With iSelz you can manage all POS of your restaurant chain or franchise locations directly from your headquarter:

- Easily configure all the settings of the various establishments: from product data, through the menu, to individual price lists of your activities
- Monitor and control all activities promoted by your restaurants
- Analyze and review the complete reports of each place and plan your business strategy

iSelz allows you to manage all the activities of multi-location restaurants: a centralized system for price settings, promotions, fidelity cards, cash and warehouse operations of each single restaurant.

Refine your restaurant service

With iSelz you can manage your restaurant, fast-food or self-service catering thanks to targeted features that make the service more fluid and efficient.

By iPad or POS touch screen NCR RealPOS for checkout functions, on iPad for taking orders, via web for data settings and control, iSelz adapts to your needs to help you improve the operations and profits of your business.

It also ensures data security and minimizes hardware investment thanks to the cloud platform.

Make your menu digital

Delete paper menus and allow your customers to access your local e-menu.

They can easily scan the QR code placed on the tables and access the menu online.

Manage cashless transactions

Reduce the use of cash and allow your customers pay via prepaid cards or RFID devices, such as wristbands.

You’ll also notice an increase in your guests' average spending.

Connect your cash tender modules

Connect your restaurant POS to automatic Cashmatic.

The integration with iSelz management software allows you to:
- Eliminate the counting operations of opening, closing cash and changing shifts
- Avoid manual errors and cash shortages
- Increase the security of your collections with anti-robbery drawer and smart detection of fake money.

Make your customers autonomous in payments, permanently eliminate the contact with money from your staff and increase the quality of your cash-out service.

Accurate inventory and food cost management

Keep an eye on your warehouse and inventory to carefully manage your expenses and your food cost.

With each sale iSelz updates your stock in real time to speed up the inventory management process.

Accurately calculate the current revenue of your restaurant and access valuable data and reports to evaluate the performance of your venue and set up amelioration strategies.

Customer loyalty

Know your customers' consumption habits and offer personalized promotions to retain them at your restaurant.

From the simplest Happy Hour to the most complicated combinations of discounts, free gifts, points allocation and much more.

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