Self-service Checkouts Cash Tender Module for Retailers

Reinvent your payment processes

Cashmatic CTM, Cash Tender Modules, are the ideal solution to automate the management of cash payments within any food and retail store.

Reliable, safe and compact, they guarantee excellent performance in the counting, checking and dispensing of banknotes and coins.

Cashmatic CTM also eliminate manual errors, long lines at the checkout and avoid shortages.

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Optimize the management of the self-service cash point

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Optimize the management time of your cashpoint, eliminating the operations of counting, opening and closing cash and changing shifts.

Thanks to the automatic collection and return operations you avoid any manual errors by the operator and cash shortages.

In addition, Cashmatic CTMs increase the level of security of your store thanks to the solid steel structure and the anti-robbery drawer that cannot be opened.

Finally, thanks to the artificial intelligence, CTMs are able to automatically detect the presence of counterfeit money.


Connect your restaurant to a professional money counter

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Connect your restaurant cashpoint with Cashmatic machines through the integration with iSelz management software.

Comply with European H.A.C.C.P. regulations on your restaurant locations by permanently eliminating the use of cash and increasing the quality of your cash-out service.

Accelerate and optimize the management and verification of cash flows, even in hectic times, and make your customers autonomous in payouts.

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