Software solutions for the cash point of restaurants and chains

Make your POS truly digital

Our Restaurant Point of Sale System Software manages the tills of bars, restaurants and food chains.

Restaurateurs look for solutions to manage restaurant receipts, payments from various points of sale and monitor revenue data.

The solutions also centralize sales data and easily manage all payments such as credit cards, vouchers, meal vouchers, fidelity cards and so on.


Dalla presa comande al servizio al tavolo

Ragazza sorride mentre legge il menu del ristorante.
With cloud technology, restaurateurs connect the Point Of Sale software to a secure, fully accessible online platform for all staff members.

From the waiter to the cashier, all order information taken by the customer can be viewed in real time at any time.

This improves order taking and payment services to ensure excellent service to your customers.


Gestione completa dei pagamenti cashless

Cassa touch screen che registra i dati del magazzino.
Accepting all forms of payment in your bar, restaurant or chain is no longer a problem.

Restaurateurs can easily and securely manage all deposits: fromcash to transactions via apps and credit cards.

Thanks to our Point of Sale software, you can also manage discounts and food vouchers to promote your restaurant and retain customers.


Solutions for this industry

iSelz: POS for Restaurants and Restaurant Chains
iSelz is the management system for restaurants and chains that simplifies all restaurant operations.
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