Web Check-in

Reduce all waiting times at the front desk

Make your guests fill in the check-in procedure online, in complete autonomy, and speed up your front desk.

Ragazzo effettua web check-in online prima di arrivare in hotel.

Innovate and accelerate the check-in process

Avoid queues at the front desk

Web Check-in for hotels lets guests compile their own data and those of their travel companions independently, when and where they want.

The integration of our software solutions with protel PMS allows you to easily collect your guests personal data from any fixed or mobile device at any time.

Screen web check in

With Web Check-in you can manage:

  • the insertion guest personal data;
  • the reception workload;
  • the protection of your guests’ sensitive data.

Rely on us

Serenissima Informatica offers complete management solutions for the reception and the guest journey for hotel guests.

Thanks to a dedicated team of experts from the hospitality industry, we are able to provide you with all the assistance, support and advice you need to find the best IT solution to manage your hotel’s front desk.

Get more information

Discover all Web Check-In functionalities

Speed up your check-in process

Customize the form with your brand identity

Customize the online form with your graphic design by choosing the colors and images that are most consistent with the brand identity of your hotel.

Once the guest compiles the data through Web Check-in, your staff will find all the necessary information automatically pre-compiled within the registry.

Improve your hospitality

Thanks to the automatic pre-complation, the workload is reduced.

Your front desk will be able to focus on the people in front of them and provide outstanding service.

Plus, guests you can request additional information to better customize their stay.

Protect your guests' data

Protect your guests' data with the high encrypted SSL security protocols of Web Check-in per hotel.

Your customers' information will be stored within a fully protected transmission.

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