POS iSelz Selfie

Restaurant data made easy

Take an insight on your performance, analyze areas of improvement and learn how to target investment to increase your profits.

Reports and data always available

Use all the information at your disposal

iSelz Selfie is the Business Intelligence software that combines the graphic and analytical potential of Microsoft Power BI to transform the data of F&B services in useful information to help your strategic decisions.

iSelz Selfie makes you graphically visualize performance, analyze areas of improvement and learn how to target investments to increase profits.


With iSelz Selfie you can manage:

  • Historical data and performance information of the restaurant and bars of your hotel
  • The best strategies for your business
  • Readable analytics to support the management team in the decision making processes

Rely on us

Serenissima Informatica offers Business Intelligence solutions for hotel bars and restaurants, able to analyze all useful information and monitor the performance of the hotel.

With our support, you can make the most of BI tools to make your staff’s work more efficient, monitor costs and increase your hotel revenue.

Get more information

Discover iSelz Selfie functionalities

Monitor the performance of your F&B business

Improve your restaurant performance

Use your hotel restaurant data and plan properly. Forecast allocations and bookings, by analyzing your cost analysis and breakdown of your potential revenue.

Discover the areas where you need to improve your performance, thanks to customized dashboards and real-time data comparison of receipts, closed accounts and much more.

Share useful data with your staff

Access your data anytime, from any fixed or mobile device.

Create all the reports you need and, thanks to the integration with the management systems of your hotel, share them with your staff by exporting all data information in Excel format.

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