PMS Hotel Selfie

Harness the power of data

Make strategic choices based on data analytics to increase revenue, reduce costs and optimize your business performance.

Comprehensive reports and analysis of your business

Microsoft Power BI for your hotel

PMS Hotel Selfie uses the analytical potential of Microsoft’s Power BI to transform hotel data into valuable information.

Thanks to the Business Intelligence tools, hoteliers are able to make strategic decisions for their business.


With PMS Hotel Selfie you can manage:

  • All the information and data concerning your hotel performance
  • Your business strategy planning
  • Easily shareable custom reports and dashboards.

Rely on us

Our experience in the hospitality industry makes us provide all the support, assistance and advice to help you plan your next strategies, with our Business Intelligence software systems.

Serenissima Informatica offers BI solutions for hotels based on Microsoft technology and perfectly integrated with the customer’s management systems.

Get more information

Discover Hotel Selfie functionalities

Harness the power of data for your hotel

Get to know your business activity

Business Intelligence is the key to your hotel’s success.

Take an insight into your hotel business with no effort and use the available data to gain strategic business suggestions.

Get valuable insights into your hotel and staff

Through the integration between the PMS and other hotel tools, Hotel Selfie collects in real time all the useful data of your activity.

Aggregate and organize your information into interactive dashboards that are easy to analyze, ready to share, and have endless filtering possibilities.

With PMS Hotel Selfie you better understand your business, by employing the potential of a platform that centralizes all data, facilitates your analysis and let you save time, that you can dedicate to take care of guests.

Plan your future strategies

PMS Hotel Selfie helps you plan all future activities, both in the short and long term by basing your strategies on data analysis.

In addition, with Hotel Selfie you can also easily keep an eye on market trends.

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