NCR Market Suite

Faster checkouts and safer payments

Send purchases through product barcode reading or through interaction via App to NCR’s checkout solutions.

No more queues and waiting at checkout

Speed up payments

NCR MarketSuite is the solution for the management of online sales in large retail chains.

The Mobile Scanning module installed in the smartphone communicates with the NCR MarketSuite system, and in real time purchases are transmitted through the barcode reading of the product or through the interaction via app.

NCR Market Suite Screen

With NCR Market Suite you can manage:

  • the barcode reading of products in store
  • the list of products purchased by customers
  • The fidelty cards service

Rely on us

Serenissima Informatica provides support, assistance and advice to optimize your point of sale systems and improve the management of your stores.

The proposed solutions are simple to use and highly innovative, allow to speed up the working time and ensure the security of payments to consumers.

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Discover NCR MarketSuite functionalities

Manage shopping via smartphone

Innovate the customer interaction

Avoid queuing at the checkout and allow your customers to pay immediately.

By the interaction with a kiosk or a traditional cashier, you speed up the payment phases and facilitate cashiers' work.

Protects the security of payments in your cashpoint

The Mobile Scanning module is integrated with NCR’s checkout solutions and is accessible via APIs from external systems.

The latter receives the propagation of data as the other barrier boxes.

At the end of the scanning process, the system allows you to send the list of products purchased to the Front-End As@r for the enhancement of the total.

In order to protect the retailer from any errors as well as possible actions of theft, the system provides the functionality of:

- Shopping re-reading
- Verification of customer confidence on the basis of re-reading

In case of differences, the system allows you to block the use of the service towards certain loyalty cards, ensuring full and total security of payments.

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