Visual scheduling of your activities

Use intuitive infographics and gantts to better schedule your projects and complete your goals on time.

Due operatori analizzano la pianificazione della produzione su un monitor.

Detailed planning of your work orders

Your production starts from here

Netronic allows you to effectively schedule all your orders through highly intuitive graphic production plans.

Production managers can gain full control of the factory by managing workflows involving resources and production areas.

With Netronic, you can make more reliable decisions, respect delivery dates, improve resource utilization and compress lead time to your customer.

The app is natively integrated into the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central production module.


With Netronic you can manage:

  • Control over production through specific views
  • The allocation of the load to resources
  • Drag & drop scheduling of operations
  • A single-page production plan with maximum transparency of information
  • Optimisation of crossing time and compliance with delivery dates

Rely on us

Thanks to the experience gained in the IT sector, Serenissima Informatica provides you with all the support, assistance and advice you need to better manage your production. Our innovative and effective tools are able to align with the needs of your company.

A team of experts will guide you in configuring extensions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and help you on your digital transformation journey.

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Discover the features of Netronic

Manage the scheduling of production


Visual Advanced Production Scheduler, VAPS is the Integrated solution in Microsoft Business Central that allows the visual scheduling to Capacity finished with drag & drop tools.

Perform detailed and accurate production planning, optimize resource load, respect production steps and order expiration dates.

Ensure a viable production plan and avoid bottlenecks, stock failures and interruptions in the flow of operations.

Give a clear answer to the question: "when and which operation to perform and with what resources?".

Quickly re-plan your projects in case of unforeseen events and take their impact graphically and immediately.

vaps logo


Schedule all your orders with the drag & drop feature of Visual Production Scheduler, VPS.

Integrate with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for maximum transparency and control of your factory.

Recognize, manage and optimize the use of your resources and ensure reliable delivery times.

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