Cloud services to simplify the management of your IT structure

Cloud services to streamline business space and resources.

Define your IT budget precisely with monthly fees and reduce your running costs.

Outsource the retention of your data with our certified, up-to-date, digital and physical security data centers.


Simplify management and reduce infrastructure costs

Sala server.
Simplify the management of the internal IT structure, increase the performance of your systems and amplify your corporate computer network.

Thanks to the hosting service you are free from the responsibilities of managing servers, backup systems and antivirus.

Provide your business with greater physical and IT data security and greater business continuity through our hosting and private cloud services.


Business continuity guarantees

Server Farms are systems designed to:

  • reduce redundancy of all hardware and software resources needed to ensure continuity of processes and data access;
  • monitor resources through dedicated management software;;
  • automatically react to hardware and software anomalies with immediate first action;
  • implement maintenance of the hardware platform and the system and environment software with coverage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Physical data security is guaranteed by the Internet Data Center services that ensure data protection and the uninterrupted provision of the service thanks to:

  • Static uninterruptible power supply and autonomous generators capable of ensuring the constant supply of the machines;
  • armed access control and security systems to prevent damage caused by external causes;
  • fire-fighting and anti-flooding equipment, temperature and relative humidity control.

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