Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Bring industry 4.0 into your SME

Make all departments of your business more efficient and connect your processes with an all-in-one management solution.

Complete Business management in one solution

Get your processes up to date with the ERP Microsoft Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is Microsoft’s ERP solution made to automate and simplify the processes of small and medium enterprises.

Perfectly integrated with all Microsoft ecosystem solutions, Business Central includes numerous features for managing all departments, from administration, to production, to after-sales.

Minimize information gaps and ensure maximum business efficiency by integrating all functions that in the past were managed by departmental software or spreadsheets.

With Microsoft Business Central, you can manage all logistics and production processes, business control management and demand processes in real time.

Let Microsoft free you from the burden of physical equipments thanks to the cloud platform and ensure maximum cybersecurity of users and data.

Extend the capabilities of Microsoft Business Central by integrating the ERP into the complete ecosystem of all Microsoft operating systems such as Power Platform and CRM.

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With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central you can coordinate:

  • Customer and sales management
  • Order planning
  • Orders for services
  • Operations and the supply chain
  • Stock management
  • Logistics and batch handling
  • Assistance and after-sales service
  • Administration and finance
  • Cost accounting
  • Data reporting

Rely on us

We have been a Microsoft partner since 2003 and thanks to the experience of our employees, we are able to provide you with the support, assistance and advice you need to help you abandon data silos and digitize your company.

Our approach is to guide you step by step through the process of configuring Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP system: from the preliminary analysis to the installation, setup, training and finally technical support after go live.

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Discover Business Central functionalities

Complete management of your Company

Connect your business processes

Connect all your business in a management system to optimize and improve your business processes with a software solution that is always updated to the latest version.

The cloud platform let your employees communicate ceaseless with each other and you can monitor all the company’s performance from any fixed or mobile device.

Optimize logistics

Coordinate all material flows throughout the value chain.

Control the supplyings and the warehouse, coordinate orders easily, benefit from the advanced management of receipts and shipments to guarantee the times of delivery.

Manage organizational models and the best methods to get component supplis that are right for your business.

With Business Central you can avoid the bullwhip effect, ensure the efficiency of your operations and ensure the traceability of your products.

Plan your job management projects

Manage your project from start to finish with IEM.

Thanks to the on-order production monitoring tools you can always stay on top of all the typical problems of this type of processing.

Visualize in real time the progress of your projects, respect the delivery times with your customers and increase your job margins.

Give a boost to your customer service

Deliver superior service to your customers by responding quickly to their requests.

Effectively assign staff to work orders and get a complete overview of workloads and service tasks.

Keep track of service contracts to ensure an extraordinary customer service

Manage administrative and financial data

Connect all data in one platform and implement your financial strategies with accurate and efficient reporting.

Streamline your administrative department and manage accounting quickly, quickly, and automatically.

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