NCR As@r

The unique POS solution for the point of sale

Improve the quality of customer service and increase the profitability of your store.

Easy to install, operate and maintain

The retail solution for your cash terminals

NCR AS@R, Advanced Store@Retail, is a POS checkout software that allows you to improve the quality of the service offered to customers and increase the store profitability.

NCRstore solution supports different languages and legal requirements, including tax operations, and is designed to ensure independence from hardware and operating systems.

Commessa che utilizza una cassa touch screen.

With NCR AS@R you can manage:

  • Customer loyalty promotions and campaigns
  • Cashpoint services and payments
  • Customer service at the point of sale

Rely on us

Thanks to a dedicated team of experts, Serenissima Informatica is able to provide you with all the support, assistance and advice to optimize your point of sale systems and improve the management of your retail stores.

The proposed solutions are simple to use and highly innovative, improve and expand services to customers and increase profits.

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Discover NCR As@r functionalities

Manage the checkouts of your stores

Compatibility with any operating environment

The solution is compatible with any Microsoft, Windows or Linux operating environment and has a three-tier architecture:

- User interface
- business logic
- data management

Improve your services at checkout

Provide your customers with promotions and offers to retain them at your store.

With AS@R youexpand your services with the ability to combine physical stores with e-commerce applications or virtual stores.

Plus, you can improve the quality of your cashier service and customer support without increasing operating costs.

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