One POS Cloud

Digital innovation for your point of sale

Activate dedicated add-on services for your customers and retain them at your point of sale to increase your revenue.

Optimize and control your transactions. Expand your services

Choose the cloud to manage payments

One POS Cloud is the solution that allows you to manage all electronic payments from a single device connected to the checkout.

The payments at the checkout are much simpler and more immediate, the operator does not have to choose between the bank’s POS and the issuers of food vouchers. A single device allows you to read the various cards issued by service providers.

Cassiera del supermercato effettua una transazione con il POS.

With One POS Cloud you can manage:

  • Electronic payments
  • Membership cards, discounts, promotions and loyalty campaigns for customers
  • Additional payment services such as newsletters, utilities and other charges.

Rely on us

Thanks to the experience of qualified professionals, Serenissima Informatica is able to provide all the support, assistance and advice to optimize your cash point systems and improve payment management.

The proposed management solutions are simple to use and highly innovative, improve and expand services to customers and increase profits.

Get more information

Discover One POS Cloud functionalities

Payment management

Easy and secure payments

Accept all forms of payment: cash, credit cards, contactless and via app.

Con One POS Cloud stampi la ricevuta di pagamento tramite stampante fiscale, riduci i tempi di sostituzione del rotolo e limiti l’acquisto di materiali di consumo all’unico rotolo di cassa.

Enable payment management across multiple banks to optimize terms of use while meeting all bank security requirements.

Customer loyalty

Bring new services and promotional campaigns to your store.

With One POS Cloud you have the possibility to activate for your customers a series of additional dedicated services such as:

- Gift cards
- Electronic purse

- Discount coupons

Activate new forms of payment

Add new features for your customers and allow them access to other services such as:

- Utlities
- Bulletins
- Fines
- Taxes
- Other

Keep track of your data

Access complete reporting for your customers.

In addition to the payment information available directly on the checkout software, you can analyze all transactions transiting from ONE pos cloud on a dedicated portal.

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