serinf365 Hospitality

Enjoy the comfort of secure information systems

The cloud solution that includes Office 365 and the latest antivirus, antispam and data backup software in a single package for management and cybersecurity for hotels.

Ragazza lavora sorridente con computer, telefono e serinf365.

Connect all your departments safely

Bring the best technology to your hotel

Serinf365 Hospitality is the cloud solution that integrates Office 365 and the most modern antivirus, antispam and data backup software.

A one solution to manage cybersecurity for hotels in total security and give your staff the best tools to work and collaborate, even remotely.

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With serinf365 hospitality your staff, in total autonomy can manage:

  • All hotel tasks, even remotely
  • Communications between departments and documents sharing
  • The cyber security of the hotel’s computer network
  • the request for tickets and IT support;
  • Files back-up and customer information.

Rely on us

In addition to Microsoft services, our team of experts can follow you in the most delicate procedures such as recovering deleted files or email, or resetting a password or create new users.
We guarantee the constant monitoring of the computer network of your property and the continuous updating of cybersecurity procedures and software.

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Available functionalities for this software

Work smart with Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 Business is the Microsoft platform that has helped hotels, managers and staff work better for years.

Increase your hotel connections with a connected experience.

Give your staff the best tools to work and collaborate, even remotely.

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Antivirus and antispam

Protect your network from viruses, malware, spam and cybercrime with the best email security and data protection software.

Extend hotel cybersecurity protection to mobile devices for your off-site staff, so you can access facility systems and data without the risk of opening doors to new dangers.

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Backup of data and emails

Secure your data and emails.

Secure your data and protect your entire hotel’s document heritage from loss due to failures, viruses, theft, ransom calls, or human error with the most reliable cloud information storage solutions.

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Service, support and Help Desk

Our professionals are at your disposal anytime, for the most delicate operations or to recover deleted files or emails, to reset a password or create new users.

We guarantee you constant system monitoring, continuous IT security updates and the level of resource utilization.

The service is available via telephone and ticketing system on a dedicated portal.


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Microsoft 365 Business Standard




Option: only Micorsoft 365 Business Basic + Antispam








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