Technology for the Food and Grocery Retail Industry

Our solutions for the Retail market assure optimal management of stores and cash points.

Store managers can process payments, cash flows and promotions with ease through our technologically advanced tools.

Improve the digital transformation of your store and your customers’ buying experience will become unique and innovative.

Large-scale Retail Channel Software

Software NCR and Omnichannel Solutions

Our Food & Grocery retail technology solutions allow you to manage dayly operations, reports and cash flows. Monitoring point-of-sale or chain terminals and lines is quick and easy with clear and intuitive graphical interfaces. The customer is reached by NCR’s omnichannel solutions for the point of sale such as: self checkouts, mobile scanning, assisted checkouts, e-commerce and groceries delivered.

Cloud management of electronic payments

Retail POS Systems

Managing all forms of interaction with the customer such as cash, credit cards, wire transfers, apps, vouchers and discount coupons is easy. Thanks to our solutions, you can also improve your relationships with your customers and retain them through promotions and personalized discounts. All software aim to virtualize the point of sale with the use of smart devices and external servers dedicated to the store.

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