Warehouse and Logistics Technology Solutions

Complete control of supply orders and stocks

Our warehouse and logistics software manages the control of stocks and supply orders.

A smooth management of the inventory, replenishment and control of all costs with great precision and simplicity becomes reality.

Perfect for large food chains and individual restaurants, our solutions are fitted with features that improve and optimize the supply chain.


Complete management of supplies

Ufficio amministrativo del ristorante con responsabile del magazzino e logistica che lavora al pc
Sending notifications to suppliers on time for raw material procurement and reducing warehouse costs is simple.

Thanks to our software for the management of warehouse and the logistics, the restaurateurs can monitor all the data of the supply chain in real time.

The collection of information allows you to see the progress of the business and make the best strategic decisions.


Make strategic decisions through data analysis

Grafici sulla performance di magazzino e logistica del ristorante.
Restaurateurs can manage sales menus in a simple and effective way and the quality of the dishes, and able to analyze costs and earnings accurately.

Thanks to our warehouse functionality it is possible to keep under control the supplyes in order to avoid shortages and breakages of stock.

The warehouse is one of the most important cost centers for catering and it is essential to be aware of raw materials movements.


Solutions for this industry

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